The question has been asked in many forms, endlessly, earnestly, and incredulously, both before Covid, and at an accelerated rate after the release of the Covid shots. “How can doctors not see what is happening?” “Do you think all these doctors are in a conspiracy?”
Cade Larson has cancer. Jennifer Larson of The Holland Center, The Canary Party, and Health Choice has shared that her beloved son Cade has advanced…
Everything is Training for The Next ThingListen now (7 min) | ...So consider trials a joy to encounter
Leaving California Today
Meta Shares Fall 25% as Ginger Taylor Leaves FacebookListen now (6 min) | Fascist platform not expected to recover
Justin Trudeau's Allegiance is to the Queen of England, not to CanadiansListen now (22 min) | Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada's 23rd Prime Minister on November 4, 2015. When I saw the footage of his swearing in, it was…
Let's End Discrimination Based on Biological StatusListen now (9 min) | From vaccines, to gene therapies, to 21st century tech not yet invented, it is time to draw the line permanently
Harvard Accidentally Demonstrates that Covid-19 Gaslighting May Cause DepressionListen now (33 min) | Harvard Accidentally Demonstrates that COVID-19 Gaslighting May Cause Depression “misinformation noun mis·​in·​for·​ma·​tion | …
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