Feb 14 • 6M

Meta Shares Fall 25% as Ginger Taylor Leaves Facebook

Fascist platform not expected to recover

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When words are many, transgression is not lacking Proverbs 10:19 Here I present many words on current events, politics, health, medicine, and corruption, through the lens of the gospel. As best I can. But as we know, when words a many, transgression is not lacking, so I apologize in advance for what I will get wrong.
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“Shares of Facebook parent Meta fell over 25% on Thursday—erasing over $230 billion in market value for its worst trading session in history—after rumors began to spread of the departure of Ginger Taylor from the the domineering global social media platform. Subsequently, the company’s dismal quarterly earnings report showed declining users and surging expenses related to the company’s metaverse project.

“I am leaving Facebook for Locals, the Warrior Mother finally announced on Friday to a grieving Facebook community, “and I will never enter the Metaverse.” - Forbes, probably.

It was time. I left Twitter a year ago and kept telling myself I would figure out where everyone wanted to go and we can leave FB together. But Everybody just doesn't know what to do yet, and I couldn't wait any longer. I had to save myself from my addiction.

Facebook is a hell of a drug, and being there is just chasing an old high that will never return. It was a place of love, and unity, and learning, and encouragement for the sorority of vaccine injury moms, and we organized to heal our children and fight for our rights there, but that platform is no more. Posting there had become like yelling into an empty warehouse. 10K followers and five likes tell a story of censorship that no media outlet need report.

So... time to go to a place where we can control our own community, instead of being farmed by Zuck for data and ad dollars. It has been three days but I feel so much lighter.

I have settled in at GingerTaylor.Locals.com. It is just me and like 18 friends, but it is fun starting to spiff up the place and get ready to have some good chats, unblocked laughs, and eventually get up to full speed in enjoying friends again. It is like leaving the North to move to the South. You may not know anyone there yet, but there are no masks, no bullies, and you can say whatever you want.

If I end up being there posting for only me, it will still be worth it. But I hope you come, and bring two of your friends.

So instead of YouFaceTwit making money off of my writing and relationships, while crushing my writing and relationships, I can make a little money off of my writing, and have free relationships again!

So I am now fully free of the Big Three! Please take a moment to create accounts on these freedom platforms, and then Like, Follow, and Subscribe to my channels!

I have replace Twitter with Gettr: https://gettr.com/user/gingertaylor

I have replaced YouTube (Google) with Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/c-1209731

I have replaced my Google blog with Substack:

And finally, when you crave my regular daily content on Facebook, come find it on Locals:


Monthly paid subscriptions available on Substack and Locals for extra (less formal) content.

Please check in regularly, and consider leaving the old, abusive, fascist platforms to populate a freedomverse, where those who were hassled by The Man are now having a great time! It is a breath of fresh air to see the enlightened content scrolling freely across my feed again!