Feb 3 • 9M

Let's End Discrimination Based on Biological Status

From vaccines, to gene therapies, to 21st century tech not yet invented, it is time to draw the line permanently

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When words are many, transgression is not lacking Proverbs 10:19 Here I present many words on current events, politics, health, medicine, and corruption, through the lens of the gospel. As best I can. But as we know, when words a many, transgression is not lacking, so I apologize in advance for what I will get wrong.
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The vaccine choice movement has spent two decades chasing the vaccine industry in their takeover of government agencies and officials in order to defend and preserve the religious, philosophical, exemptions that prevent them from losing control of bodily integrity.

Always chasing, rarely anticipating what will be coming next. This is reasonable as these reasonable individuals are simply saying, “leave us alone,” while the industry they are fighting has five, ten, fifty, and hundred year plans to gain control over their bodies, and every aspect of their lives.

“Vaccines” are only the entry point into this war for the individual, and we need to spend less time looking back to the 20th century on what has happened, and look forward to the rest of the 21st century on what they are looking to do.

Because we all know that these vaccine mandates are not about health.

Near completely liability protection that once applied to FDA approved childhood vaccines, has now expanded to complete liability protection for non FDA approved gene therapies fraudulently labeled, “vaccines.” Rand Paul once noted that the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act liability protections were so lucrative for Pharma, that many different industries were seeking the same kind of liability protection.

And now we see that the biotech industry has achieved it for gene manipulation products that could not get approval for two decades, until an emergency opened the door for them to be authorized, then approved, then mandated.

But we are not at the end of this push, we are in the middle of the story. Because we have no idea what biotech products that do not even exist yet will be made mandatory over the coming decades.

Our science fiction has brought us synthetic body parts, memory stack implants, nanobots, and even hive mind of the Borg. Elon Musk is working toward melding man and machine as we speak.

If an Amish community chooses to draw a line at 1700, and use no technology invented after that, can I draw a line at the year I graduated from high school, and choose to live like it’s 1987 for the rest of my life? Without discrimination?

Biden does not think so. He believes I must embrace whatever brand new, untested tech, that he chooses for me.

In 2015 we had five vaccine bills introduced into the Maine Legislature. We wrote one, the vaccine promoters wrote three, and a random one term legislator that no one had ever heard of introduced one that caught us all by surprise.

It took the Maine Human Rights Act and added one sentence to it. The law protects against discrimination based “solely on basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital status, ancestry, religion or national origin,”  and he added in, “vaccine status.”

Mary Holland, now of Children’s Health Defense, discussed the bill with me and we realized that it was flawed in its presentation, as the legislator simply didn’t have the experience with the issue that would have better informed him, but he was spot on. This is a human rights issue. This is a discrimination issue.

She noted that the bill should have read “biological status,” because this is not just about vaccines anymore. This is about being able to not participate in the biotech industry at all, and still being able to live a normal life.

So I would like to respectfully request that the health freedom community realize that we are playing on THEIR field, that we are playing “whack-a-mole” year after year in every legislature, and that we can leap frog to the end of this — ending discrimination based on any biological status.

Because if they win the “gene therapy is a vaccine and you have to have it” fight, they will just move onto the next cash grab biotech must have “Thing” that they will try to call a vaccine, remove liability, and mandate it. It is time to end this game for good.

I don’t want to be Borg.